The (Short) Story

Instant Pancit started 2022 in the Philippines. To be exact, in the city of Davao. The focus of the website is to give useful information about the Philippines and to write about current and past happenings in the country. You will find all sorts of things on Instant Pancit. You can even download recipes, delicious Filipino all-time classics! The Philippines is a history-rich country going back thousands of years and has so much to offer that we wanted to bring all those things to together for everyone who is interested.

The name Instant Pancit comes from the instant version of the known noodles dish in the Philippines called pancit. Eaten every day by millions of people at home, at work, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you could even call it iconic because you will find it anywhere. You might know instant pancit by the name of instant noodles. The dried noodles you use to pour hot water into the cup and mix it with the ingredients. An invention of a genius named Momofuku Ando in Japan. But in the Philippines, instant pancit is more than just instant noodles. You will find it so often here as a side dish with rice and other foods if you eat at a Filipino home. And because it’s a Filipino thing, we chose this name for our website. We will bring you closer to this country than ever before, so keep coming back or sign up to the newsletter and our delivery service will drop you an e-mail every couple of weeks.

Please feel at home whenever you visit our website.

Behind the Scenes


Pictures coming soon.