The Philippines has received the worlds attention when several websites have chosen Boracay as the most beautiful beach in the world. This was like a knightly accolade. Even though the Philippines has been known for so many years that it has wonderful beaches, it has never received that big of an attention except for the past few years. Maybe it’s because it was just too far away compared to other countries such as Thailand or Malaysia which are closer to European and African countries. But now the Philippines is finally part of that environment and this is a great outcome for the country.

This country has countless of unique places that are worth a visit. The chocolate hills in Bohol, the rice terraces in Ifugao (a UNESCO world heritage site), the historic city of Vigan with its preserved architectures (a UNESCO world heritage), Batanes at the tip of Luzon, Intramuros in Manila, the underground river in Puerto Princessa (another UNESCO world heritage site), the hundred islands in Pangasinan, a natural wonder of island formation, or the enchanted river in Surigao del Sur. A truly magical place how locals would describe it. A crystal clear blue river flowing directly into the Pacific Ocean. All these places are a once in a lifetime experience.

But the Philippines is much more than just beautiful beaches and mesmerising landscapes. The Filipinos are very joyful people. They are friendly and hospitable and they have high respect to the older generation, which makes it a destination that is getting more popular among retirees. The Filipinos have strong family ties and this results in them having that respect to the older generation. Because of that, it is very normal that you will see people from all ages during nightlife. This creates a nice and healthy situation because people feel less discriminated. The Philippines is a very inclusive country.

Filipinos are very open to other cultures and they welcome you into their house quite quickly. Especially if you are out in the province. The Filipino hospitality is very known throughout the world and this contributed to the immense amount of nurses scattered all over the globe. They are very caring and understanding. And this makes this country what it is: a country where everybody feels welcomed.

As you can see, the Philippines has so much to offer to its visitors. Instant Pancit will give you even more reasons why this archipelago is called the ‘Pearl of the East’. Just come back here if you want some fresh air of Filipino life.