The year 2023 has started to bloom and even in times of issues, we all look forward to our vacations where we can explore, have fun and just relax. The Philippines has become one of Asia’s beloved tourist destination and more visitors are starting to find out what this country made of thousands of islands has to offer them. In this short post, we want to highlight some destinations which are worth a visit and you want to see more than just the usual top destinations. Let’s find out!

  • Davao City: The city of Davao is the largest city in the world and the third-most populous city in the Philippines. This may sound crowded, but remember, it’s the largest city by landmass, which means, people are scattered all around and most people have their own houses, so if you are looking for skyscrapers, you will be quite disappointed. The city has many interesting places to visit, like the Eden Nature Park and Resort, Museo Dabawenyo, the Roxas night market, the panorama at Jack’s Ridge, the Butterfly house, Mt. Apo or the many resorts at Samal islands. The city has lots of interesting cafes and restaurants to explore (we will soon bring a whole blog post for Davao City) not just with great coffee and delicious food but also relaxing places and sceneries which are one of a kind. Not to mention of all the malls from SM to Gaisano, where you can shop endlessly. Having fun in Davao City is a sure thing!
  • Makati City: If we think of Manila, we think of many places, but Makati is still the top destination if you want to have fun, eat well and have that Manila style city vibe. Makati is known as the business district of Manila and it is situated in the center of the areas Mandaluyong, Pasig, BGC, Pasay and Manila. There is the famous Greenbelt mall which is more than just a malling experience, the whole place is a design masterpiece, well thought-out where you can easily spend the whole day if you want to. But there is so much more to Makati, there is the Ayala triangle, the Salcedo community market, Poblacion for drinking and party, the insightful Ayala Museum, high-end shopping in Rockwell, Glorietta and all the numerous places you can find by simply walking in this city. Makati is full of interesting things!
  • Siquijor: This tiny island is definitely worth a travel if you like island life vacations. It lies in the southern part of the Philippines beside Dumaguete City and is about a 30 minutes boat ride away. You will get in that special island mood the moment you step ground on Siquijor, we can guarantee you that. The place feels and is remote, but this doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer. There is the famous Salagdoong beach side, where you can eat grilled food in one of the little huts, swim in the ocean or jump off a cliff. The Cambugahay falls is just one of the beautiful waterfalls where you can swim and shoot some memorable pictures. There is also the Cangbangag falls or the Lugnason falls just to mention others. But there is even more to this little island, like the old enchanted Balete tree, Mount Malabahoc or Mt. Bandilaan Park. You can even dive or have a standing paddle ride in the ocean. Siquijor is an island full of adventure!
  • Surigao del Sur: This area is bigger than the previous three but it’s because the sceneries are within this whole area and what you will see is not just anything but something you will surely tell you friends and family about it. Surigao del Sur is at the east side of Mindanao and stretches from north to south and if you like falls or enchanted rivers, then this might just be a travel you might have been looking for. If you start from the bottom, then the Tinuy-an falls is where you will start. This big waterfall, also referred to as the little Niagara falls, and has four levels of beautiful falls and is one of the widest falls of the Philippines. You can even swim close to it if you are brave enough, but we encourage you to exercise caution. From these big falls you can then travel further north to see a river that is so clear and blue, it feels truly enchanted. The Hinatuan enchanted river is a spring river that flows into the Pacific ocean and is surrounded by beautiful nature, making it feel even more magical. You may not be able to swim directly there (the local government protects the cave for preservation) but you can have a swim close to it and imagine swimming in the cave. After being fully mesmerised by the beauty of the big falls and enchanted river, you can take one travel further up north and visit the Bega falls. The Bega falls is also a four tiered waterfall, with each having a different look that takes you away once more and see the beauty of nature. If you want you can even rent a cottage and relax while watching the waterfalls. Surigao del Sur will make you feel in love with nature!

The Philippines is an archipelago with more than 7,100 islands and you will find wonderful things wherever you will go. If you want to explore more places we encourage you to search Google’s website directory and find also other interesting spots in this colourful country. After all, you are in the Philippines to enjoy life and the good thing is, here, you can enjoy life no matter where you are!