Get to know the basic words and phrases of the Filipino language and build confidence by knowing how to respond.

Maraming salamat is thank you very much in English

The Language of the Philippines

Tagalog is the Philippines’ national language and most people know how to talk Tagalog. You may find people in the Visayas and Mindanao region mostly talk Visaya, which is another very useful language to know, but Tagalog is taught in school in the country, therefore people understand and mostly know how to talk in Tagalog. The language looks not easy at first but if you start learning it you will realise that it is not that difficult.

Tagalog comes from the word tagá (origin) and ílog (river). Tagalog is the language of the people from the river. Maybe the Pasig river is meant here, because the cultural centre of the old Tagalog tribe is there. Tagalog was the language of revolution against Spain and Tagalog is the language of Manila, the Government.

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Don’t be shy to talk to Filipinos

Knowing how to talk in Tagalog will help you wherever you are in the Philippines. As with anything, you start with the basics and then you advance by learning new words, phrases and by talking with the people itself. Don’t be shy to talk with Filipinos. Even if your Tagalog may be poor, they will be more than happy to see your efforts and respect towards them. You may be tempted to talk in English, and even there are many who can speak English you will soon realise that many also can’t. Hanging out with Filipinos will miss you many laughs because you might not understand everything. Therefore, knowing at least a little bit will not just get you farther but you will also get to know many more things. And enjoy it even more!

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And remember, if you want to be fluent, practice is the key! Tara na!